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About The Company

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Who We Are

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Avis Lifecare is an integrated pharmaceutical company with its headquarters based at Ahmedabad. We are a recognized and reputed pharmaceutical house, primarily engaged in marketing finished products in the Indian sub-continent.

Avis Lifecare is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company with focussing on quality drugs being manufactured at WHO-GMP certified & FDA compliant manufacturing units. With the qualities of passion & commitment to serve quality healthcare, Avis Group is all set to meet the upcoming challenges with its significant approach of providing innovative therapeutic solutions.


Our portfolio of pharmaceutical products is comprehensive & strong, and extends to the therapeutic areas like orthopaedics, neurology, gastroenterology, analgesics, anti-depressants and anxiolytics. Our formulations are available in all dosage forms.

Avis Group has played a progressive role in providing quality oriented & cost effective health solutions. In every single action, we follow our guiding values of Customer focus, Passion, Collaboration, Transparency and Integrity, which helps us in achieving operational excellence in all spheres. These values embody the nature of how Avis Group operates. Our values are the foundation of our commitment to patients, and of our unceasing dedication to making a difference.

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The Vision

We are aiming to be in the ladder of top 10 pharmaceutical companies with the highest operational excellence and consistent performance. Our vision is to emerge as quality,research & knowledge driven pharmaceutical groupwith innovative therapeutic solutions nationally and globally.

The Mission

Our mission lies inour strongbelief that ensuringwell beingof the community is a social responsibility and we as a corporate must fulfilit,through our passionate & commitment to offer quality healthcare services.

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The Corporate Culture & Philosophy

Customer Focus: The Customer is our true focus. Our customers’ health powers our success and exceeding customer expectations is our belief.

Passion: We have a collective Can-Do Attitude, with the commitment to go the extra mile. Each associate has the drive to offer best healthcare services to the ailing humanity.
Collaboration:Work together to achieve a common goal,of offeringquality services.
Transparency:We have built a foundation of open and honest communication. We encourage associates to share ideas & feedback that can make usa strongvisionary company.
Integrity:Weactwith integrity inevery decision we make,meaning doingthe right things,always.